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Interfold and Electrostatic Pleated
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HEPA leak test

Interfold Pleated

Interfold Pleated and Electrostatic ES Pleated

Primary/Pre-Filters Pleated Disposable

Model: IF30
(G4 30-45% MERV7-8)
Model: IF40
(F5 40-55% MERV8-10)
Model: ES65
(MERV11 >65@1-3um)
Model: ES13
(MERV13 >85%@1-3um)
Interfold Pleated Disposable filters are economical, industrial standard for disposable pre or primary filters in all airconditioning systems. The greater extended surface allows higher dust holding capacity and extends replacement intervals compared to flat panel filters.
  • Polyester,Polypropylene Pleated Media
  • Corrosion-Resistant Expanded Mesh
  • Moisture-Resistant Kraft Board

Interfold Pleated Disposable

  • with option for Gi, Al or SS frame
  • Standard Nominal Thickness: 1", 2", 4"
  • Standard Nominal Sizes: 24x24, 12x24, 20x24,
  • Other Avaialble Sizes: 20x20, 16x24, 16x20, 20x25, 16x25, Custom Sizes

FC Frame with Synthetic Media

FC Frame with Synthetic Media

Primary/Pre Flat Panel washable/disposable

G1-G4 Arrestance 65-92% MERV 1-7

FC Frame sizes can be customised for use in Fan Coil Units (FCU) and Fresh Air Supply filters (FAF). The filter media is replaceable for FC frames. Fibreglass Media is suitable for use as pre filters in oil mist, ink, paint arrestor applications. Impregnated Carbon synthetic media can be used for odour control.

Custom sizes and depth
Synthetic Polyester, Fibreglass Media
Frame: Galvanised Steel (Gi), Aluminium Frame(Al), Stainless Steel (SS), Moisture Resistant Kraft Board (Paperboard)

Types of Filters

FC Gi Frame with Fibreglass
Model: FC

Frame: Al/ Gi/ SS

Filter Media: Synthetic Washable or Fibreglass Media

Paperboard with FG
Fibreglass or Synthetic Media in Kraftboard
2DP Pleated Synthetic Washable
RP Ring Panel
RP Ring Panels - 2plys washable media with internal wire frame
PP mesh with Gi rod

Al Mesh and Baffle

Al Mesh and Baffle Air Filter

Aluminium or Stainless Steel Mesh and Baffle Filters are traditionally used as washable pre-filters. Nowadays, they are used for Grease/ Oil Mist arrestance in kitchen hoods, also known as grease filters or refrigeration equipment. The Al or SS design mesh or baffle filters are non-flammable and can be classified as Class 1 Filters used as high as 250degC. They can be resued by washing in mild detergent solutions.

Aluminium (Al) or Stainless Steel SS304 Mesh and Frame Sand, Grease, Oil Mist, Coarse Dust Pre-filtration Removal

 BaffleBaffle Aluminium or Stainless Steel 304

 Al Mesh and SS Mesh US Al Mesh

Al or SS Mesh, US Al Mesh in Al Frames

ES IF Pleated Electrostatic

ES65 IF MERV11, ES13 IF MERV13, ES14 IF MERV14 Pleated Disposable

ES Electrostatic Pleated disposable filters are made with 100% synthetic needle punched and electrostatically charged media during media manufacturing. The permanent electrostatic charged filter has a tremendous increase efficiency up to >65%@1-3um (MERV11) ,>85%@1-3um (MERV13) and >90%@1-3um (MERV14) in the range of particles size of 1-3um at rated velocity used for AHU, PAU and FCU.

Model: ES65 IF,  MERV11 >65%@1-3um

Model: ES13 IF, MERV13 >85%@1-3um

Model: ES14 IF, MERV14 >90%@1-3um

 Electrostatic Media Electrostatic Interfold ESIF

  • Available in 3mm thick disposable media pads for Split units, FCU or FAF
  • Pleated Disposable, Filter Thickness: 1", 2" and 4" thickness
  • Standard sizes 24x24", 12x24" , 20x24"
  • Other sizes availabile: 20x20", 16x20", 16x24", 12x20" and custom sizes is feasible.
  • with option for Gi, Al or SS frame

Interpocket Washable - Primary

IP20 Washable G4 30-35%, IP30 Disposable G4 40-55%

Interpocket IP20 Washable or IP30 Disposable primary filters are used as primary filters for high face velocities, high coarse dust loading and long service life is required. Used in automotive plants, spray paint booths and gas turbines. 

  • Available in Washable and Disposable Media
  • High Dust Loading and service life


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