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HEPA leak test


HEPA Aluminium Separator

Final or HEPA Filters;H11 95%@0.3um H13 99.99%@0.3um H14 99.999%@0.3um

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Aluminium Separator (Al-Sep) filters, also known as Absolute Filters for efficiency more than 99.97%@0.3um. The traditional HEPA Aluminium Separator construction filters are used as final filters to collect most penetrating particles sizes in the air filtration systems, air handling units of  non-directional cleanrooms and final filters to protect the terminal modules in directional cleanrooms. 

+ HT model of high temperature up to 250°C

 HEPA Alsep  HEPA HT Alsep
Model: H4BA

HEPA Al-Sep, Al Frame, Size: 610x610x292mm

HC: High Capacity Rated 3400cmh@333Pa

SC: Standard Capacity rated 1890cmh@250Pa

Model: H4HA

HEPA HT Al-Sep, SS304 Frame, Size: 610x610x292mm

HC: High Capacity Rated 3400cmh@333Pa

Silicone Sealant and Gasket

Available Depth/Thickness: 150mm, 292mm

Available WidthxHeight mm: 610x610, 305x610, 305x305


HEPA V Minipleat

Final or HEPA Filters H13 99.99%@0.3um

High Efficiency Particulate Air – HEPA V Minipleat filters are minipleat media in V-shaped construction with increased media area at low pressure drop. They are designed to replace traditional aluminium Separator filters for longer lifespan and lower energy cost. They are used as HEPA or final filters in air filtration systems and air handling units to protect the final terminal modules clean room filters.

  • Minipleat in V configuration
  • Extremely High Media Area and low pressure drop
Model: H4VH
Box Styled (NH) 610x610x292mm 
Airflow Rated: 3400cmh@250Pa
Other Sizes: 305x610x292mm,&nbsp
Model: H4UH
Single Header (SH) 592x592x292mm 
Airflow Rated: 3400cmh@280Pa
Other available Sizes: 289x592x292mm

HEPA Minipleat and DTM

HEPA Minipleat and

DTM (Disposable Terminal Module)

Final or HEPA Filters H13 99.99%@0.3um H14 99.999%@0.3um, U15 99.9995%@0.1-0.2um (MPPS)

High Efficiency Particulate Air – HEPA Minipleat filters are minipleat media with increased media area and slim 70mm thick design. They are suitable to use as ceiling HEPA or final filters in Fan filter units or as disposable terminal modules (DTM) or Replaceable HEPA module (RPM TR, RPM TD) with 10" & 12" collar. RPM TRFU with no collar and insulation for Fan Filter Unit (FFU) installations. They are used extensively in industries such as pharmaceutical production, electronics, hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, exhaust systems, nuclear establishments, injectable production, film production and fall-out shelters.

HEPA Minipleat
Model: H4MH
HEPA Minipleat 99.99%@0.3um/ 99.999%@0.3um
Model: U5MH
ULPA Minipleat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (MPPS)
Model: H4JH
Gel Type

Standard Sizes: 1210x600, 600x600, 610x610, 1170x570, 1195x595, 595x595

Model: H4DH
(Disposable Terminal Module)
with 10" Collar and Foam Insulation, 150+70mm Height

Standard Sizes: 1210x600, 600x600, 1195x595, 595x595

Replaceable HEPA Module (RPM)

Replaceable HEPA module T-grid (RPM)

Final or HEPA Filters H13 99.99%@0.3um, U15 99.9995%@0.1-0.2um


The Removeable or Replacement HEPA Modules (RPM) is similar to DTM (Disposable Terminal Modules) in terms of applications. Although higher initial cost, it offers an easy and lower cost hassle-free installation and easy replacement of HEPA filter. The RPM TR new design replacement is entirely tool-free, HEPA minipleat are directional, laminar filters and does not require diffusers. RPM TD models comes with diffuser and special T clamps for gasket HEPA filters are suitable for isolation wards, laminar air flow cleanrooms,minor and major operating theatres and pharmaceutical leakfree applications.

  • Anodised Extruded Aluminium Frame Module
  • Roomside HEPA Replacement
  • RPM TD gasket type with diffuser and clamps
  • RPM TR gasket type with toolfree Tclips
  • Fan Unit Option (for RPM TR only)
Model: RPM TD

Model: RPM TD

Replaceable Module T-grid/ceiling Suspension with Gasket Filters and Diffuser 1210x600 (12"collar), 595x595 (10"collar)

comes with static pressure ports, No insulation

Model: RPM TR

Replaceable Module T-grid with Gasket Filters 1201x591 (12"collar) ,591x591 (10"collar)


Fan Filter Unit FFU

Fan Filter Units FFU

Fan Units modules with HEPA Filters for terminal modules and clean rooms

Fan Filter units (FFU) are used in applications which require local laminar airflows in environments to obtain clean air and the control of the contamination in Class ISO 4/5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1 or Class 10/100 for Fed209E. The integrated fan module provides extra or adequate airflow and pressure through the HEPA or ULPA filters.

  • Stainless Steel 430 or Galvalume Frame
  • Efficient and Low Noise
Model: FFU SS430  or 
Model: FFU GI
Stainless Steel SS430 Fan Filter Units or Galvalume Fan Filter Units

Fan and Filter Height:  280+70*mmH and 305+70*mmH (for 600x600mm fan) *Filter Thickness

Standard Filter Sizes:  1210x600, 600x600, 1170x570

Model: RPM FU

Replaceable Module for FFU without collar.

Please see RPM section for details

Standard RPM Sizes:  1201x591x170mmt, 591x591x170mmt

Model: FFU ABS 600x1210
ABS Fan Filter Unit, Size:600x1210x330mmH  (one size only)

PTFE ULPA Alsep and Minipleat


Model: U5BP

PTFE HEPA AlSep 99.9995%@0.1-0.2um

Synthetic and strong, High Temp to 180degC, Boron Free, Corrosive and chemical resistance

Standard Sizes: 150, 290mm thickness, 610x610, 305x610mm


Model: U5MP

ULPA Minipleat >99.9995 @ 0.1-0.2um

Synthetic and Strong, Boron Free,Corrosive and chemical resistant

Standard Sizes: 70mm thickness, 1210x600, 600x600mm

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