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V-cell Minipleat

Vcell Minipleat

Secondary Filters M6 60-65% MERV12, F7 80-85% MERV13, F8 90-95% MERV14, F9 >95% MERV15, 

Semi-HEPA E10/E11 95%@0.3um MERV16, E12 99.5%@0.3um MERV16

V-Cell Minipleat filters highly recommended for all installations. Proven to be low energy and operating costs,

long filter replacement periods (more than 3years*) with very low pressure drop.

    • 100% Synthetic Blended and Extremely Durable
    • Low Pressure Drop, Energy and Operating Costs
Model:V90 24x24x12
Description: Vcell Minipleat F8 90-95% 24x24x12"
Standard Model and Sizes
Single Header 24x24x12", 24x12x12", 24x20x12"

* All secondary filters are to be protected by prefilters

C-cell Minipleat

Ccell Minipleat

Secondary Filters F6 60-65% F7 80-85% F8 90-95% F9 >95%

C-Cell Minipleat filters has only inline filter depth 4” . Minipleat design enables high media area and low pressure drop which allows long life usage and is used in replacement of traditional 12” depth secondary and bag filters.

  • 4” Standard thickness and 2" and 3" thickness
  • No Header and Single Header
  • 24x24, 12x24 and Custom sizes.
  • 100% Synthetic Polyproplene and Extremely Durable
Model: C90 24244
C-cell F8 90-95%, Size: 24x24x4" , Box Kraftboard
Model: C90 SH 24244
1" Single Header Kraftboard
 Ccell Al frame
Model: C90 GI 24244
No Header, Gi / Al Frame & faceguard
Model: C90 GI SH 24244
Gi Frame, 1" Single Header, 4"thickness
  • Standard Nominal Sizes: 24"x24", 12"x24", 20"x24"
  • Customised 2" thickness media* and Single Header available

*Note: lower media area used for lower airflow systems

Interfirm Rigid Box

Interfirm Rigid Box

Secondary Filters M6 60-65% MERV12,  F7 80-85% MERV13, F8 90-95% MERV14

Interfirm are extended pleated surface rigid construction design allows more media area, lower pressure drop, excellent dust loading capacities and double or longer lifespan compared to traditional pocket filters.

  • Lofted Synthetic filter media
  • Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Available in Box-style (NH) or Single Header (SH)
interfirm rigid box
Model: IFR80 NH
Interfirm NH 80-85%
24x24x12", 12x24x12"
24x24x6", 12x24x6"
Model: IFR80 SH
Interfirm SH 80-85%
Standard LxHxD in nominal sizes:
24x24x12", 12x24x12"
24x24x6", 12x24x6" 

Interpocket Bag

Interpocket Bag filters

Secondary Filters M5 40-55% MERV10, M6 60-65% MERV12, F7 80-85% MERV13, F8 90-95% MERV14-15

Interpocket filters are non rigid traditional bag filters which are economical and used widely in all AMCV airconditioning and ventilation systems.

Model: IP90 8P 242422

Standard Depth: 12", 15", 22", 25", 30"

Length x Height :

    • 24x24 - 8, 6 pockets, 10p
    • 12x24 - 4 or 3 pockets, 5p
    • 20x24 - 5 pockets
    • 16x24 - 4 pockets

Intercell Al-Sep

Intercell AlSep

Secondary/ Medium Filters  F7 80-85%, F8 90-95%

Intercell is used as a rigid secondary filter in general air conditioning systems. High Temperature HT Models available up to 250°C. Other than High Temp models.

2020 Product is obselete and replaced by Interfirm Rigid Box, Vcell Minipleat or Ccell Minipleat for better performance.

Intercell Alsep
Model: IC90 SH 242412
Intercell SH Al-Sep, 24x24x12"
Header Options:
SH(Single Header) or NH(No Header)
Sizes: 24x24x12",20x24x12", 12x24x12"

For 6" depth or 12" depth, replace with Ccell Minipleat for improved results and lower operating costs.

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