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ES65 IF MERV11, ES13 IF MERV13, ES14 IF MERV14 Pleated Disposable

ES Electrostatic Pleated disposable filters are made with 100% synthetic needle punched and electrostatically charged media during media manufacturing. The permanent electrostatic charged filter has a tremendous increase efficiency up to >65%@1-3um (MERV11) ,>85%@1-3um (MERV13) and >90%@1-3um (MERV14) in the range of particles size of 1-3um at rated velocity used for AHU, PAU and FCU.

Model: ES65 IF,  MERV11 >65%@1-3um

Model: ES13 IF, MERV13 >85%@1-3um

Model: ES14 IF, MERV14 >90%@1-3um

 Electrostatic Media Electrostatic Interfold ESIF

  • Available in 3mm thick disposable media pads for Split units, FCU or FAF
  • Pleated Disposable, Filter Thickness: 1", 2" and 4" thickness
  • Standard sizes 24x24", 12x24" , 20x24"
  • Other sizes availabile: 20x20", 16x20", 16x24", 12x20" and custom sizes is feasible.
  • with option for Gi, Al or SS frame

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