CLYDE-IFC International Filtration Libeltex Air Filters Profile

For past decades, CLYDE-IFC air filters has paved the way in Singapore's air filtration. We manufacture and offer a full range and custom built air filters, IF laminar air flow biosafety cabinets through our ISO9001:2015 quality managed manufacturing firm in Singapore. Being a full-scale manufacturing and major manufacturer, we provide quality products at fast leadtime and competitive prices. Our air filters, laminar air flow biosafety cabinets are used in Critical Wafer Electronics industries, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, opearating theatres, reseach laboratories, biosafety and animal labs, commercial, industrial, hotels and schools, colleges universties and also on the road and sea transport including marine oil rig. Musuems and military defenses.  All thanks for our partners and supporters to make this possible. We have come to manufacture more than 10 million pieces of air filters for past 15years serving from small to big multi-national customers, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), other air filter suppliers both regionally and globally.
Air filter quality assurance


Air Filters Quality Assurance

Our Air filter products are widely used in Airconditioning and Ventilation Systems of commercial, office & industrial buildings, electronics industries, hospitals, laboratories, biotechnology research facilities,clean rooms, schools and universities, OEM and air filters manufacturers.

CLYDE-IFC being an ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Firm manufactured air filters which are tested to standards which are traceable to US, Europe and international standards which includes ASHRAE52.1, ASHRAE 52.2, EN779-2000, EN1812 HEPA tests and IEST RP standards for absolute HEPA filtration.

Our air filter products are distributed in Singapore and regional countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh, Middle East, Europe and US. Our strong portfolio and track record only represents our commitment to Customer Satisfaction, Quality and Products Deliverance.


Laminar air flow testing

Air Filter, Laminar Air Flow Biosafety Cabinets

Our air filter manufacturing has high technology air filter manufacturing and testing equipments. We have 3 lines of polyester or fibreglass roll media manufacturing lines. We have 9 sets of pleating machines for pre or primary and secondary filters,4 lines of HEPA manufacturing lines, in house metal fabrication, 4 sets of testing equipment including particle counters and aerosol photometers and research laboratory air filter test duct and equipment. Singapore manufacturing plant is 5800 sqm land

Laminar Air flow Services

Testing, Certification of Biosafety Cabinets, Cleanroom and Operating Theatres, Laboratory Equipment

We are experienced and trained in aspects of air filters replacements and applications in ACMV, HVAC. We are equipped with calibrated air filter testing equipment and engineers are accredited NSF49 Biosafety Cabinetry Field Certifier or NATA Australia accredited Factory Certifiers in Laminar Air Flow,Biosafety and fumehood cabinets,laboratory Equipment and Cleanrooms and Filter Installations.

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