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HEPA leak test

Replaceable HEPA module T-grid (RPM)

Final or HEPA Filters H13 99.99%@0.3um, U15 99.9995%@0.1-0.2um


The Removeable or Replacement HEPA Modules (RPM) is similar to DTM (Disposable Terminal Modules) in terms of applications. Although higher initial cost, it offers an easy and lower cost hassle-free installation and easy replacement of HEPA filter. The RPM TR new design replacement is entirely tool-free, HEPA minipleat are directional, laminar filters and does not require diffusers. RPM TD models comes with diffuser and special T clamps for gasket HEPA filters are suitable for isolation wards, laminar air flow cleanrooms,minor and major operating theatres and pharmaceutical leakfree applications.

  • Anodised Extruded Aluminium Frame Module
  • Roomside HEPA Replacement
  • RPM TD gasket type with diffuser and clamps
  • RPM TR gasket type with toolfree Tclips
  • Fan Unit Option (for RPM TR only)
Model: RPM TD

Model: RPM TD

Replaceable Module T-grid/ceiling Suspension with Gasket Filters and Diffuser 1210x600 (12"collar), 595x595 (10"collar)

comes with static pressure ports, No insulation

Model: RPM TR

Replaceable Module T-grid with Gasket Filters 1201x591 (12"collar) ,591x591 (10"collar)


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