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HEPA leak test

HEPA Minipleat and

DTM (Disposable Terminal Module)

Final or HEPA Filters H13 99.99%@0.3um H14 99.999%@0.3um, U15 99.9995%@0.1-0.2um (MPPS)

High Efficiency Particulate Air – HEPA Minipleat filters are minipleat media with increased media area and slim 70mm thick design. They are suitable to use as ceiling HEPA or final filters in Fan filter units or as disposable terminal modules (DTM) or Replaceable HEPA module (RPM TR, RPM TD) with 10" & 12" collar. RPM TRFU with no collar and insulation for Fan Filter Unit (FFU) installations. They are used extensively in industries such as pharmaceutical production, electronics, hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, exhaust systems, nuclear establishments, injectable production, film production and fall-out shelters.

HEPA Minipleat
Model: H4MH
HEPA Minipleat 99.99%@0.3um/ 99.999%@0.3um
Model: U5MH
ULPA Minipleat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (MPPS)
Model: H4JH
Gel Type

Standard Sizes: 1210x600, 600x600, 610x610, 1170x570, 1195x595, 595x595

Model: H4DH
(Disposable Terminal Module)
with 10" Collar and Foam Insulation, 150+70mm Height

Standard Sizes: 1210x600, 600x600, 1195x595, 595x595

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