Haze is here again 14 Sep 2019

Air quality is hitting unhealthy levels again. We are experiencing hazy conditions in region of Singapore especially in the Northern of Singapore and Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.This article will address of commerical and industrial building aircon, fan and ventilation design. Hope this will help the Facilities, Aircon Technicians, Engineers and Managers.

Introduction: Air filters, Carbon Filters

Haze particles are unburnt particles, soot. It is made of all very small particles gaseous molecules to very big particles. The visible or particles can be removed by at least MERV11 >85%@3-10um,  MERV13 filters 85%@1-3um. MERV14 90%@1-3um, HEPA are not required in most cases. When haze particles are controlled, the smell odour will be reduced. Further control can be used with Carbon Filters in rolls or more effectively Carbon Pleated

Action Plan Solution

Limit the air intake from outdoor. Close windows and on aircon.

Stay indoors by limiting outdoor activities, wear a face mask to go outdoors if required.

As buildings are enclosed, the souce of contaminated air comes from outside, fresh air intakes, Doors or windows openings or gaps. Limit these

Do not panic

Air Filter Factory -Secondary filters and Carbon filters

We have increasing request from customers of this haze as our Singapore factory is churning out air filters, carbon filters, we will give priority to existing customers and allocate stock to everyone to prevent unnecessary stockpile by individual.

The plug and play rolls type can be used

1. ES65 M 0.61x180m - MERV11 rolls media, can interchange any roll or prefilter media

2. ES13 M 0.61x180m - MERV13 roll media. Note of higher pressure drop due to higher efficiency

3. ZKG carbon rolls, 2x25mx12mm, 1.2x20mx10mm, 1.2x20mx3mm. Carbon impregnated Roll media suitable for all

Most Effective is to use Panel Box filters

Most Effective Panel filters are all secondary filters with >MERV13 will be enough, Ccell is available in 2" and 4" thickness.

1. Minipleat Ccells 2" thickness and 4" thickness available in MERV14

MERV14 >90% @1-3um, >95%@3-10um, the best protection against haze.


2. ES65 IF or ES13 IF Interfold Pleated 24x24x2" (595x595x45mm)

can Interchange with all prefilters in AHU, PAU, FCU


3. CARB IF Carbon Pleated 24x24x2" (595x595x45mm)

Interchange with all prefilters in AHU, PAU, FCU


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