Which type of filters?

In Haze, generally all outside air shall be treated with 2 layers, prefilter+secondary filters. 


Which type are secondary filters?

Most Buildings are already equipped with secondary filters, Secondary filters are like pocket filters, Ccell, Vcell, Interfirm Rigid Box.

Recommended in buildings shall be MERV13 80-85%.

C-cell Minipleat available in 2" to 4" thickness are very slim which can be implemented in most installations.


Do we require carbon filters?

The function of carbon filters is to control gaseous contaminants like CO2, SO2 and organic vapours which constitute odours and smell. Our ZKG200 and Carbon Pleated are effective and to be used concurrently with the dust air filters but please note the cost of carbon filters replacement is very high.  ZKG Carbon media can be washed to remove the dust particles. However, all carbon cannot be renewed by washing or renewed economically.

ZKG Carbon Roll can be used in replacement of Washable Roll Media

Carbon Pleated can be used in replacement of pleated disposable or prefilters.


What if my buildings uses 60-65% or MERV11 to MERV12 filters?

Air filters will load dust over time and reach >95+% dust spot efficiencies in months, if your air filters are clean or aircon and ventilation is in doubt, you may replace with MERV14 90-95%filters.


Do we need absolute HEPA filters >99.99%@0.3um?

Mostly no. In particular, we shall discuss two reasons.  Firstly, Buildings ventilation and mechanical systems are usually not designed to use HEPA filters which has very high pressure drops. Therefore air change volume will be drastically affected which may in turn affect overall air ventilation or indoor air quality. Our low initial pressure drop Vcell synthetic Semi-HEPA H10 >99% is by far most compatible and highest efficiencies you should intend to replace with exisiting secondary filters.

Secondly, the maintenance cost or replacement and running cost becomes very exorbitant and undue wearing could cause meltdown of the whole airconditioning systems.




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