Polyester Synthetic Washable Rolls
Roll Media

Synthetic Media Roll

In the early eighties, Libeltex developed a new range of synthetic washable filter media, being the first to...

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HEPA V FC Frame with Synthetic Media
HEPA V minipleat filters in PAU

FC Frame with Synthetic Media

Primary/Pre Flat Panel washable/disposable

G1-G4 Arrestance 65-92% MERV...

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Interfold and ES Pleated Interfold Pleated
Interfold and Electrostatic Pleated

Interfold Pleated and Electrostatic Pleated

Primary/Pre-Filters Pleated Disposable

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Vcell V-cell Minipleat
Vcell installed in PAU

Vcell Minipleat

Secondary Filters F6 60-65% F7 80-85% F8 90-95% F9 >95% Semi-HEPA E10/E11 95%@0.3um H12...Read more ...
BIBO Housings BIBO Housings
BIBO Housings Site Installations

Bag in Bag out (BIBO) Housing

Anti-Contamination banks with bags for HEPA and Activated Carbon filters

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Chemical Carbon IFR HD SH Carbon Pleated

Carbon Pleated Interfold, Carbon PL Vcell, Carbon Interfirm HD & Carbon Ccell

Activated Carbon Pleated Media of...

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Carbon 4V honeycomb Carbon V Housing and Carbon
Carbon Honeycomb and Vcell Installations

Carbon V Housing and Carbon Honeycomb, Carbon Tray Filters


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BIBO Housings
SS304 BIBO Housing and Bubble Tight damper
HEPA Filters HEPA Minipleat and DTM
HEPA AlSep and HEPA V Filters Manufacturing

HEPA Minipleat and

DTM (Disposable Terminal Module)

HEPA leak test
HEPA leak test

Paint Arrestor Fibreglass Rolls

The glass fibre rolls are manufactured in one of the high technology plants in Italy, Germany. The filter roll is widely used as pre-filters and exhaust filters in spray paint booth or oil mist applications. They can also be used in AHUs or FCUs for dust filtration or applications which requires fire retardant. The rolls can be supplied in different widths from 0.5m, 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m.

Efficiency: G3 MERV6 Arrestance >85%
Continuous Temperature:
Up to 120°C and temperature peaks of 150°C
Flammability: DIN4102, DIN53438 F1
Country of Origin: Germany

Model: PA200
Paint Arrestor Fibreglass 2x20mx50-65mm thickness
Model: SEPA11

Pleated Kraftboard, Size: 11m x 0.9m (Width)

Prefilter for Paint Arrestor

SepaPaint is used as a separation for ink mist in paint shops and colour spraying cabins. It is suitable for products such as primer, primer surfacer, 2 component lacquer, polyester, wax, tar, glue, adhesive, teflon, polyurethane, silicone, chocolate. It is also used as pre-filtration for paint stop filter mats for extended durability.

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