Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet

Cytotoxic Drug safety cabinet provides user protection from the cytotoxic agents or vapours in the pharmaceutical aseptic dispensing and drugs preparations. Strong twin blowers and air barrier with sump HEPA filters below worktray. The strong air barrier instead of physical barrier provides lesser fatigue to pharmacist technicians in the drugs preparation which ensure productivity and ensure optimum good preparation of drugs as well as safety. Made in Australia with design and build in great quality which is widely used and proven in both small cancer pharmacy clinics and hospital pharmacies. With quality design and built, large HEPA filters which will ensure extremely long lifespan and low maintenance downtime. They are widely used in Hospitals pharmacies, pharmaceutical establishments, biosafety and animal laboratories, cancer clinics and centres, schools, QC Sampling, aseptic and infectious pathogenic samples handling. Tested to AS2567, H14 HEPA filters 99.995% and carbon filters to meet GMP, ISO 14644 ISO 5,FS209E Class 100 clean room cleanliness. Aseptic Grade A.

Download Clyde-Apac Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinet Catalogue

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