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Biological Cabinets,Laminar flow cabinets,Fume hoods, Primary containment to biological safety, product protection and laboratory safety

International Filtration, Clyde Apac Australia manufacture and distribute wide range of laboratory equipment including laminar air cabinet, Biological safety cabinet, Ductless fume hoods,CO2 incubators in Singapore and the region. The track record in both quality and safety containment of manufacturing over 65,000 superior Laminar Air flow Biological Safety Cabinets and Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets are used in hospitals and pharmacy,pharmaceutical industries,research and biosafety labs,schools, universities,food and fragrance industries,electronics. The cabinets are tested to international standards like NSF49, EN12469, ASHRAE 110, AS1807,AS2243.

Customised Biological Cabinets,IVF laminar flow cabinets and solutions

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IVF Laminar Air flow Cabinets (water based)

Water based recirculation (very stable work surface temperature for IVF works) or Heated mats work tray. As pioneers of water based laminar air flow cabinets for IVF, sucess of IVF works are greatly increased with stable work surface temperature.

Email CLII with Microscrope 3

Class II Biological Safety Cabinets to house Robotic Sampler.

Microscope Integration into Class II Biological Safety Cabinet


CO2 and Tri-Incubators

Air or water jacketed CO2 Incubators with HEPA filter,Infra Red CO sensor, stable temperature, 90degC sterilisation. LCD Display and microprocessor controlled temperature.

used for incubation of cell, bacteria, spores cultures.

Bag-in-Bag-out (BIBO) Housing (please refer to air filters.BIBO HEPA Housings are used for exhaust of biohazard, chemical or radioactive, toxic particulates thus providing environmental protection and safe change of HEPA filters and maintenance in laboratories and fume hoods or industrial factories or hospitals.

BIBO SS 1Hx1W 4nos

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