ISO16890 New Europe Standard

New ISO 16890 standard which replace the EN779 standard in Europe is very similar to US ASHRAE 52.2. However, filter specialists who are familiar will notice similaries to the MERV in the 0.3-1.0um, 0.3-1.0um, 1-3um range. The arrestance weight efficiencies which is still relational and useful for Coarse dust or big dust or pre/primary filters. The new info will relate closer to the indoor air quality PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 which is increased used in residential common terms as we see a global pollution of frequent haze. 

 The focus is in the secondary filtration which did not change much as the EN779 do aaddress them in the test except to catogerise for wider use.

EN779 Class ISO ePM1 ISO ePM2.5 ISO ePM10 ISO Coarse ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 0.3-1.0um 1-3um 3-10um Arrestance>10um
G3 - - - >80% MERV 5-6 - - 20-35% 80-90%
G4 - - - >90% MERV 7 - - >50% >90%
M5 - - >50% - MERV 8   >20 >70%  
          MERV 10   >50% >80%  
M6 - 50-65% >60% - MERV 11 >20% >65% >85%  
F7 50-65% 65-80% >85% - MERV 13 >50%  >85% >95%  
F8 65-80% >80% >90% - MERV 14 >75% >90% >95%  
F9 >80% >95% >95% - MERV 15 >85% >90% >95%  


The more categorisation gives more information which can be useful for advanced users but for most common users, simple MERV13 or F7 80-85% will be much easier for daily use and implementation. Most who are familiar who require more info will notice the test reports of EN779 and ASHRAE 52.2 already give information of efficiency of 10 particle ranges from  0.3 to 10um.


For most buildings from commercial to hospitals,clean manufacturing, users, managers,design and build contractors and consultants, the info for recommended indoor air quality filters in buildings or fresh air intake is using F7 MERV13 , F8 MERV14. Remains unchange as design,implemenation and most common to implement in airconditioning as secondary filters.


After all in most air filtration, implemenation is 2 filter layers. Pre and Secondary

Cleanrooms, Hospitals or laboratories will require 3 layer which is Pre, Secondary and HEPA

EEOI: Data provided above are for general reference and comparison.





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