Biosafety Cabinets Testing,Recertification and Commissioning

Fumehood Test Standards: AS2243, ASHRAE110
BSC Test Standards: NSF49, EN12469, AS1807
NEBB,ISO14644/Fed209E, HTM03-01

Testing of Biosafey Cabinets,Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, BIBO HEPA Systems,Operating Theatres,Fumehoods, Cleanrooms

Airflow Velocity,Aerosol challenge photometer HEPA Leak test, light intensity, Sound intensity,Smoke Tests

Tests of OT and Cleanrooms: Particle Counts, Airflow Hood Volume,Differential Pressure,Bacterial Count Test,Filter Leak Test.

Other: Temperature,Humidity,Centrifuge Rotation Speed,PH test,Electrical Resistance,amp,ohm,Ground Resistance Tests

HLAF15 2

Particle Count

Airflow test


pharma HEPA test

Aerosol Challenge Photometer HEPA Leak Test