Vcell Minipleat

Secondary Filters M6 60-65% MERV12, F7 80-85% MERV13, F8 90-95% MERV14, F9 >95% MERV15, 

Semi-HEPA E10/E11 95%@0.3um MERV16, E12 99.5%@0.3um MERV16

V-Cell Minipleat filters highly recommended for all installations. Proven to be low energy and operating costs,

long filter replacement periods (more than 3years*) with very low pressure drop.

    • 100% Synthetic Blended and Extremely Durable
    • Low Pressure Drop, Energy and Operating Costs
Model:V90 24x24x12
Description: Vcell Minipleat F8 90-95% 24x24x12"
Standard Model and Sizes
Single Header 24x24x12", 24x12x12", 24x20x12"

* All secondary filters are to be protected by prefilters