Interfold Pleated and Electrostatic Pleated

Primary/Pre-Filters Pleated Disposable

Model: IF30
(G4 25-35% MERV7)
Model: IF40
(F5 35-45% MERV8)
Model: ES65
(MERV11 65-85%@1-3um)
Model: ES13
(MERV13 >85%@1-3um)
Interfold Pleated Disposable filters are economical, industrial standard for disposable pre or primary filters in all airconditioning systems. The greater extended surface allows higher dust holding capacity and extends replacement intervals compared to flat panel filters.
  • Polyester,Polypropylene Pleated Media
  • Corrosion-Resistant Expanded Mesh
  • Moisture-Resistant Kraft Board

Interfold Pleated Disposable

  • with option for Gi, Al or SS frame
  • Standard Nominal Thickness: 1", 2", 4"
  • Standard Nominal Sizes: 24x24, 12x24, 20x24,
  • Other Avaialble Sizes: 20x20, 16x24, 16x20, 20x25, 16x25, Custom Sizes