HEPA Aluminium Separator

Final or HEPA Filters;H11 95%@0.3um H13 99.99%@0.3um H14 99.999%@0.3um

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Aluminium Separator (Al-Sep) filters, also known as Absolute Filters for efficiency more than 99.97%@0.3um. The traditional HEPA Aluminium Separator construction filters are used as final filters to collect most penetrating particles sizes in the air filtration systems, air handling units of  non-directional cleanrooms and final filters to protect the terminal modules in directional cleanrooms. 

+ HT model of high temperature up to 250°C

 HEPA Alsep  HEPA HT Alsep
Model: H4BA

HEPA Al-Sep, Al Frame, Size: 610x610x292mm

HC: High Capacity Rated 3400cmh@333Pa

SC: Standard Capacity rated 1890cmh@250Pa

Model: H4HA

HEPA HT Al-Sep, SS304 Frame, Size: 610x610x292mm

HC: High Capacity Rated 3400cmh@333Pa

Silicone Sealant and Gasket

Available Depth/Thickness: 150mm, 292mm

Available WidthxHeight mm: 610x610, 305x610, 305x305