Carbon Pleated Interfold, Carbon PL Vcell, Carbon Interfirm HD & Carbon Ccell

Activated Carbon Pleated Media of CTC>60%

Activated carbon is a tried and tested gas adsorbent with various pplications. Organic compounds are retained on the surface of the carbon by the Van der Waals forces of weak intermolecular forces. Activated carbon is manufactured by the controlled burning of carbon-rich materials such as coal, wood and nut shell, and then collected. Our carbon filters have a CTC activity of above 60% (CCI4) measured by ASTM standard test method D3467-88. A CTC activity value of 60% can adsorb 60% of its weight in CCI4. Chemically impregnated carbons are available to better control both acid and bases gases such as H2S, SO2, NOx, HCI, HF, Methyl Mercaptan, active sulphur composites, ammonia, formaldehyde and highly volatile radioactive organic iodides in Air and CO2.

    • >75 to 90% Odour and Organic Vapours Control
    • Integrated Air Particles Filtration> 94% Dust Arrestance (>10um)
    • Special manufacturing sandwiching the activated carbon, no loose carbon
    • up to 97% Odour and Organic Vapours Control for Chemical Filters
    • carbif 
      Model: CARB IF
      Carbon Pleated Interfold
      Standard Thickness: 1", 2", 4"
      Standard Sizes: 24x24, 12x24, 20x24, 20x20

      >75% Initial Efficiency on organic vapours

      Optional: Gi Frame with Mesh, SS Frame with Mesh


    Carbon HD Interfirm Chemical Filters
  • Header: 1" Single Header (SH) or No Header (NH)     
    Standard Thickness: 12" 
  • >97% Initial Efficiency on Toulene and SO2 gases
  • Standard Sizes: 24x24, 12x24
  • carbplvcell 
    Carbon Pleated Vcell Chemical Filters
  • Header: 1" Single Header (SH)
  • >99% Initial Efficiency on Toulene, Organic Vapours
  • or SO2, NO2 gases
  • Standard Sizes: 24x24, 12x24, 20x24
  • Model:CARB CCELL
    Carbon Ccell Chemical Filters for Fan Filter Unit (FFU)
  • >99.99% Initial Efficiency on Toulene, Organic Vapours
  • or SO2, NO2 gases 
  • Standard Sizes: 600x1210, 600x600