Polyester Synthetic Washable Rolls
Roll Media Read more ...
HEPA V FC Frame with Synthetic Media
HEPA V minipleat filters in PAU Read more ...
Interfold and ES Pleated Interfold Pleated
Interfold and Electrostatic Pleated Read more ...
Vcell V-cell Minipleat
Vcell installed in PAU Read more ...
BIBO Housings BIBO Housings
BIBO Housings Site Installations Read more ...
Chemical Carbon IFR HD SH Carbon Pleated
Carbon 4V honeycomb Carbon V Housing and Carbon
Carbon Honeycomb and Vcell Installations Read more ...
BIBO Housings
SS304 BIBO Housing and Bubble Tight damper
HEPA Filters HEPA Minipleat and DTM
HEPA AlSep and HEPA V Filters Manufacturing Read more ...
HEPA leak test
HEPA leak test

Filter Holding Frames and Filter Clips

Filter Housing,Holding Frames

and Filter Clips

Front Load and Side Access Filter Housing, Filter Holding Frames, Filter Bracket Holding Frames with Clips C or Bracket Clamps

  • Universal Front Load Filter Holding Frames for air filters
  • Leakfree welded joints and machine pressed.
Model: HF3 BR SS
SS304 3" Bracket Holding Frames (for 1" Single Header HEPA or Chemical Filters)
with x4 Bracket Clamps (Model: CLIPS SS BR)

Model: HF3 BR GI

Gi 3" Bracket Holding Frames (for 1" Single Header HEPA or Chemical Filters)

with x4 Bracket Clamps (Model: CLIPS SS BR)

Model: HF3 GI

Gi 3" Holding Frame for 2-4"Prefilter and 1" Single Header Secondary filter

with x4 C Clips (Model: CLIPS C3, for 2" Prefilters and 1" Header Secondary)

or with x4 C5 Clips (Model: CLIPS C5, for 4" Prefilters and 1" Header Secondary)

Model: HF12 GI 2525

GI HEPA Bracket Holding Frame, Actual Size:625x625x350mmD (for 610x610x292mm HEPA BoxFilters)

with x4 Bracket Clamps (Model: CLIPS SS BR)

BIBO Housings

Bag in Bag out (BIBO) Housing

Anti-Contamination banks with bags for HEPA and Activated Carbon filters

For exhaust air filtration of radioactive materials, pathogenic organisms, biological safety, biohazard, dangerous and toxic substances, cytotoxic drugs. Used in genetic research, tissue culture laboratories, Biosafety and Animal laboratories, Hospitals, Operating theatres and pharmaceutical applications and cleanrooms.

  • Special Design adjustable lever action eccentric cams for perfect tightness and HEPA Filter leak free.
  • Fully Welded and able to withstand +/-1000Pa Pressure Decay  weather resistant Oven Baked Epoxy Coated Steel Housing structure
  • Anticontamination barrier bags with glove sleeve fixed by metal elastic elements around double groove of internal housing edge for safe physical filter replacements
  • Factory integrated static pressure ports
Model: UB06/P-H

2" Prefilter Section and 12" HEPA or Carbon Filter Section

Model: UC06/H

12" HEPA Filter or Carbon Section

Model: UC03/H

12x24x12" HEPA Filter for small room applications

Model: SS304 UB06/P-H

Option Stainless Steel 304 (for outdoor, highly corrosive or nuclear applications)


Option: Low leak Dampers, Bubble-Tight Dampers, Differential Pressure Gauges, Differential Transmitters

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