Air filters by CLYDE-IFC International Filtration Libeltex Filter Profile

For past decades, CLYDE-IFC air filters has paved the way in Singapore's and international air filtration. We manufacture full range of air filters for Aircon Ventilatoin, IF laminar air flow biosafety cabinets, ductless fumehoods through our ISO9001:2015 quality managed manufacturing firm in Singapore. Being a full-scale manufacturing and major manufacturer, we provide quality products at fast leadtime and competitive prices. Our air filters, laminar air flow biosafety cabinets are used in Critical Wafer Electronics industries, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, opearating theatres, reseach laboratories, biosafety and animal labs, commercial, industrial, hotels and schools, colleges universties and also on the road and sea transport including marine oil rig. Museums and military defenses.  All thanks for our partners and supporters to make this possible. We have come to manufacture more than 10 million pieces of air filters for past 20years serving from small to big multi-national customers, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), other air filter suppliers both regionally and globally.


How we can achieve higher quality products while maintaining competitive price? We manufacture our permanent charged electrostatic synthetic PP media in prefilters and all our secondary Semi HEPA filters which not only greatly increase filtration efficiencies, lower pressure drop, longer lifespan, antimicrobial, energy saving (better protect coils from dust buildup), translate lower manpower maintenance. Yes, they are innovative quality air filter media and products designed and manufacturered by us over the years as an expanding International filtration company. We have continous research and improvement and invested in modern filter machines for our filter media and full range air filters. Thus producing higher Quality valued products than competitors with short manufacturing leadtime. This is done with no expensive marketing and management but a streamline direct manufacturing controls; from filter media, frame materials and assembly process and logistics of air filters making extreme productive lower cost margin with continuous research and improvement. Please see our proven track record of big diverifised local,regional and internationl customers who are with us all along.