Laminar air flow testing

Air Filters,HEPA filter,Laminar Air Flow Biosafety Cabinets

Our air filters production is comprehensive line of air filter manufacturing machines and testing equipments. We have 3 lines of polyester or fibreglass roll media manufacturing lines. We have 9 sets of air filters pleating machines for pre or primary and secondary filters,4 lines of HEPA and minipleat manufacturing assembly lines, in house metal fabrication, 4 sets of testing equipment including particle counters and aerosol photometers and research laboratory air filter test duct and equipment. Singapore manufacturing plant is 5800 sqm land in 2014.

2020 is a challenging year as our Singapore manufacturing plant expanded to adding 4600sqm land adding to about 10,000 square metres equal to 100,000square feet factory which includes FSC paperboard frame design and diecutting.  Auto glueing assembly for air filters. Full Auto Pocket Secondary Bag media manufacturing in providing high quality media rolls.

As registered Manufacturer, for larger orders and continuous partners and distributors, we are able to issue Prefential Certificate of Origin/ Form D under free trade agreement between Singapore and Countries. We export to Malaysia,New Zealand AANZFT, Gulf Cooperation council Qatar,UAE, Europe n UK.

Laminar Air flow Services

Testing, Certification of Biosafety Cabinets, Cleanroom and Operating Theatres, Laboratory Equipment

We are experienced and trained in aspects of air filters replacements and applications in ACMV, HVAC. We are equipped with calibrated air filter testing equipment and engineers are accredited NSF49 Biosafety Cabinetry Field Certifier or NATA Australia accredited Factory Certifiers in Laminar Air Flow,Biosafety and fumehood cabinets,laboratory Equipment and Cleanrooms and Filter Installations.